Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Welcome to Wonky City Art Glass!

Welcome to Wonky City Art Glass, a little place born of my determination to start learning some glass ways that were counter-intuitive to me when I first attempted them.

Oh, yeah, I've only been trying them about a week so far this time, but I'm starting to get little glimmers of hope!

The name comes from the reality, though-- everything so far is just wonky as hell!

That's okay. Since I'm the smartass that I am, I've kind of become attached to this irreverent name


Glad you found me, and thanks for coming along on the journey. More explanations and ramblings to come soon.

Peace, Ang


Deb said...

Can't wait to see you start on this blog Ang - but don't get all bent outta shape over it ;o)

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Yup, I've got wonky city in my art glass too! I'm working with tubing now - wow - everything stinks! But as I fill up my glass garbage, I'm hoping I'm improving :-)

I'm sure you'll hear alotta, "Amen, sista!" from me.

Love the name - Keep Wonkin!